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Investment suggestion: daTime.is

Dear Key Contact,

My name is Remi BAZIN, from Da Relative Company, France.

I am 28, of French nationality, and I am co-founder since 2014 of this IT startup with Arnaud M. LAGARDÈRE, also my best friend. I am now in charge of promoting our projects to potential investors and people who might connect us to serious investors. I may be mistaken on the recipient, but you have been recommended to me as a notable and active actor of the startup's entrepreneurship community, in local and global scale. That's why I decided to contact you with this attentive mail, with the aim of inviting you & your partners to discover our latest idea, a new mobile application called "daTime.is", like "The time is..." but here it will not be a watch, a clock, a timer, no: a smart multi-stopwatch app. for the infinite things of the life people may be interested in tracking it, like "the last time I talk to my father", "how long I survive without a TV", "how long I will refuse my last defeat" and so on.

These abstract things will be called: "Observations" of the time spent to... and users (even companies) should just complete it with their unlimited imagination. The scope of application of the idea is immeasurable: everyday life, strictly private things, funny things, working life, social life, family, entertainment, hobbies, sport, studies, science, experimentations, finance, healthcare, law, policy, economy, gaming, activities with friends, money making, lifestyle, renting, lending, technologies and so on. Everybody in our societies could one day be interested to take one, two, see three stopwatches in hands, starts it even in the same time, and realizes how long are specific things in his life. For some of them it may be a seconds or hours question, but for some others: a days, months or even years deal! So they need a tool for that, where all measures will be stored.


Technical developments of daTime.is are still in progress with a Alpha version scheduled for May 2017, but financial aspects and insights are now ready. A well estimated €13M quest have been recently started by me and my team, to conquer the world, to change the world, really, with this memorable name, impactful identity, and by creating incredible return on investment opportunities.
We are currently working hard on the application public API, for letting website programmers, mobile applications or connected devices programmers of the entire world connect, interact with us and sending us time datas, with one final goal: allow user to see in daTime.is the summary and usage time of any application he launched on his phone, any website he visited or when he was driving his car for instance. Just amazing! So now, I invite you, if you've got time of course, to take note of our early stage arguments:

   ● Project's 27 pages Business Plan:
      Online .pdf file

   ● Project's 14 pages Pitch Deck:
      Online .pdf file

   ● The limited & browser Web Demonstration of the future app.:

   ● The preview of the future app. Website, for desktop but responsive:

Project's Google Drive Folder

As regards the two web previews, please test it with a modern browser, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox if possible, and please apologize for that, we did'nt have necessary ressources and time for making it "cross-browser". Then we have obviously limited their access. The login is the same for both: "top", and the password too: "secret". I am counting on you concerning discretion and secrecy. We plan to change these credentials every two weeks, so I really hope you are not reading this mail too late. If you can't access it today, please do not hesitate to contact me back at: investor.relations@datime.in or to just reply this mail for telling me. In the spring of 2017, we will open these two demonstrations to testers, in order to get necessary feedbacks.


With expansion, we believe this business has great potential, just because of its purpose: the Time, one of the most universal notion in this world. daTime.is will be just a new way to monetize it, to take advantage of it like never before. I will be happy to meet with you one day soon to discuss the possibility of your investors connections, or even investment if you're equipped financially for projects at our stage. I believe we could both benefit substantially. Our Da Relative Company was registered in France too, close to Paris, but, if investors require having a company or a structure created in their country, all the necessary could be done fairly in 2017.

Thanks for your attention, for the reading and for your precious time, I hope you will also apologize our english speaking.

Yours faithfully.

Remi BAZIN, Investors Coordinator:
+352 661 717 724

Application Preview
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